Our Warranty Policy is as follows.  We encourage all of our customer's to purchase an extended warranty from us, This warranty will provide the following. If for some reason or another things do happen. So we have your back, Just purchase a warranty thru us add it to your check out process and it will cover you up to 3 years of coverage, the price is just $39.99. If you drop it we will fix it, water gets on it we will fix it, The joy stick is not working we will fix it. Here at Gaming World Accessories will only honor your request if you have paid in full for such warranty to take place on your behalf. Now keep in mind you will have to send the item back to us and, the turn around time will depend on other customer's ahead of you. But we will keep you updated on this process. If you have more questions about this process, Pls feel free to reach out to us in this regards at our Customer Service Dept. BuyPS4ControllersOnline@Gmail.com