How can we help?

1.?   Do you guys accept credit cards.

1.ANSWER: Yes.

2.?  Do you guys offer shipping.

2.ANSWER: Yes.

3.? Who do you ship with.

3.ANSWER: The Post Office.

4.? How long does the shipping takes.

4. ANSWER: 5-7 Business Days.

5.? Do you guys accept returns.

5. ANSWER: At this present point in time, Due to { Covid-19 } Concerns, We are not accepting any sort of returns, We will keep new and existing customers updated thru email if the situation changes.

6.? How long does your shipping take after you have processed the order placed on your website.

6. ANSWER:  It usually takes around 5-7.

7.? Are you guys an authorize sony dealer.

7.ANSWER: Yes.

8.? If for some reason or another i have picked the wrong color or any item on your website. Can i return it.

8. ANSWER: No at this time all sales are final due to { Covid-19 } concerns. We will update new and

existing customers if any thing changes thru our customer service email.

9.? Do you guys offer curb side pick up.

9. ANSWER: Yes we do, Only on saturdays from the hours of 12pm To 2pm Only.

10.? The controllers you guys are selling on your website, Are they real sony brand products.

10. ANSWER: Yes.

11.? Are your company products gaming accessories the cheapest on the web.

11. ANSWER: Yes.

12.? Why should i buy from your company instead of another gaming website.

12. Answer: Our prices are the lowest in the industry, and we have  reliable shipping that's super fast.

13.?  Does your company offer refunds.

13. ANSWER: At this present time we are not honoring refunds when we have shipped out your goods. All sales are final due to { Covid -19 } concerns on merchandise handling.

14.? If i have placed a order on your website and i changed my mind and you have not shipped out my product. Can i get a refund.

14. ANSWER:  { YES } ONLY, If we have not yet issued you a USPS Tracking number.

15.? If your company has issued a USPS Tracking Number and i still want a refund, Is that possible to still do.

15. ANSWER: { NO }

16.? Does your company offer USPS Tracking Numbers to track my order i have placed on your company website.

16. ANSWER: Yes you can track your order at the bottom of our home page website to your right after it has been 4 Business Days, Pls enter the USPS Tracking number sent to your email.

17.? Does the PS4 Controller come brand new inside the box.

17. ANSWER: Yes all are new and sealed In sony box.

18.? Does your company have a customer service # and or email contact.

18. ANSWER: Yes we currently have both, Phone support and email.

19.? How many PS4 Controllers can i order on your website.

19. ANSWER: Only { 4 } PS4 Controllers can be ordered per house hold & per customer.

20.? If i order more then { 4 } PS4 Controllers on your website, What would happen.

20. ANSWER: We would cancel the order due to our { 4 } limit policy violation per order per house hold, and send you an email on the reason for your order cancellation.

21.? Due you guys offer a warranty for the PS4 Controllers i have purchased from your website.

21. ANSWER:  { YES } The purchase of $39.99 for up to 3 years will have to be purchased and added to your shopping cart at the time of purchase only, Not AFTER Purchase. We will fix your PS4 Controller not replace it, And ship it back to you at the address you have provided.

22.? Due you guys ship international shipments.

22. ANSWER:  { NO } At this present point in time we are only shipping to residents in the united states.

23. ?  What will happen if i place a order on your company website, And you don't ship to that country.

23. ANSWER:  We will cancel that particular order and issue you a full refund, Due to the fact we are not shipping to that particular country thru a company email: to inform you we have cancelled your order.

24. ? Do you guys charge tax.

24. ANSWER: No we do not charge a sales tax.

25. ? Does the ps4 controller come with a charger.

25. ANSWER: No these PS4 controllers does not come with a charger, But you can purchase one in our store for just $6.99 free SHIPPING.

26. ? Are the ps4 controllers that you sell on your web store tested before you guys sell them.

26. ANSWER: Yes all PS4 Controllers and colors have been tested before we sell them so assure are customer's will get a good working controller.

27. ? Does your web store prices stay the same all year long.

27. ANSWER: No, All prices are subject to change at any giving time with out letting are future or present customer's know.

​28. ?   Do you guys offer shipping.

ANSWER: Yes we do offer shipping, At this present time only to the united states.